Forex Trading Account Management

Global FX account management is done in collaboration with our broker, HotForex PAMM Program. The programme allows investors to invest funds in experienced PAMM Fund Managers who trade the markets on their behalf. PAMM Managers earn a pre-agreed Success Fee when they make a profit for their investors.

The Basic Idea behind the PAMM Account

How to start (the procedure)

  1. Open an account in your NAME with any of our partnered brokers: HotForex or Exness all based in Mauritius.
  2. Fund your account yourself. We don’t accept receiving funds from any investor.
  3. Link your account with our Account Management Account.
  4. We will start placing trades on the account and profit is shared on monthly basis per profit sharing ratio.
  5. We will direct you on how to open an account, fund it yourself and link your account to our investment trading account so that we can start trading on your behalf.
  6. At the end of the trading month, the broker will share the profit between the trader and the investor.
  7. For more information on how the PAMM Account works, kindly visit:

Terms & Conditions

  1. Minimum Deposit is USD300. Top up is allowed as we go along.
  2. Success Fee (Profit Sharing) is from 30% to 45% depending on the amount. That is, 30% means, 70% for investor.
  3. Minimum Trading Period is 3 months. Profit sharing is on monthly basis.
  4. Penalty Fee for early withdrawal is 5%.
  5. Profit sharing is automatically handled by the broker at the end of the month. Both investor’s and trader’s accounts are credited automatically by the broker.
  6. The investor’s account is fully secured by the broker. The investor has full control of his or her account. The trader cannot make any withdrawal from the investors account.

Procedure to open a live account

Click on below link to start account opening with any broker of your choice

Additional Information

  1. We will direct you with the process of opening a live account with any of our partnered brokers.
  2. Our brokers are well-regulated with good track records globally in the financial markets.
  3. Kindly contact us should you need further clarification

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