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Detailed Course Syllabus

  1. Trading Divergences
    • Trading Divergences
    • Regular Divergence
    • Hidden Divergence
    • How To Trade Divergences
    • How to Avoid Entering Too Early When Trading Divergences
    • 9 Rules for Trading Divergences
    • Divergence Cheat Sheet
    • Summary: Divergences
  2. Market Environment
    • Know Your Trading Environment
    • What is a Trending Market?
    • What is a Range-Bound Market?
    • Trend Retracement or Reversal?
    • How to Identify Reversals
    • Protect Your Self From Reversals
  3. Trading Breakouts and Fakeouts
    • How to Trade Breakouts
    • How to Measure Volatility
    • Types of Breakouts
    • How to Trade Breakouts Using Trend Lines, Channels and Triangles
    • How to Measure the Strength of a Breakout
    • How to Detect Fakeouts
    • Fade the Breakout
    • How to Trade Fakeouts
    • Summary: Trading Breakouts and Fakeouts
  4. Fundamental Analysis
    • What is Fundamental Analysis?
    • Why Interest Rates Matter to Forex Traders
    • How Monetary Policy Affects the Forex Market
    • Hawkish and Dovish Central Banks
    • Fundamental Factors That Affect Currency Values
    • Where to Find Forex News and Market Data
    • Market Expectations of News and Their Impact on Currencies
  5. Currency Crosses
    • What is a Currency Cross Pair?
    • Why Trade Currency Crosses?
    • Currency Crosses Are Trend-y
    • Trade Interest Rate Differentials
    • Be Careful Trading Obscure Currency Crosses
    • How to Trade Fundamentals With Currency Crosses
    • How to Trade a Synthetic Currency Pair and Why You Probably Shouldn’t
    • Trading the Euro and Yen Crosses
    • How to Use Currency Crosses to Trade the Majors
    • How Cross Currency Pairs Affect Dollar Pairs
    • Summary: Currency Crosses
  6. Multiple Time Frame Analysis
    • Trading Multiple Time Frames In Forex
    • What Time Frame Should I Trade?
    • What Time Frame Is Best for Trading?
    • Why You Should Look at Multiple Time Frames When Trading Forex
    • How to Use Multiple Time Frame Analysis to Find Better Entry and Exit Points
    • Trading With Three Time Frames
    • Summary: Multiple Time Frame Analysis
  1. Trading the News
    • News Makes the Forex Market Move
    • Be Careful Trading the News
    • Which News Releases Should I Trade?
    • 2 Ways to Trade the News
    • How to Trade the News With a Directional Bias
    • How to Trade the News Using the Straddle Trade Strategy
    • Summary: Trading the News
  2. Carry Trade
    • What is the Carry Trade?
    • What is a Currency Carry Trade?
    • Know When Carry Trades Work and When They Don’t
    • Carry Trade Criteria and Risk
    • Summary: Carry Trade
  1. The U.S. Dollar Index
    • What is the US Dollar Index (USDX)?
    • How to Read the US Dollar Index
    • Trade-Weighted Dollar Index
    • How to Use the USDX for Forex Trading
    • The Dollar Smile Theory
  2. Intermarket Correlations
    • How Gold Affects AUD/USD and USD/CHF
    • How Oil Moves with USD/CAD
    • The U.S. Dollar And Oil Relationship Is Changing
    • How Bond Yields Affect Currency Movements
    • How Fixed Income Securities Affect Currency Movements
  3. Using Equities to Trade FX
    • Forex and Global Equity Markets
    • The Relationship Between Stocks and Forex
    • How the Stock Market Affects the Forex Market
    • How to Use EUR/JPY as a Leading Indicator for Stocks
    • Intermarket Analysis Cheat Sheet
  4. Country Profiles
    • The Forex Trader’s Guide to Major Economies
    • United States of America
    • Eurozone
    • United Kingdom
    • Japan
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Switzerland
    • China
  5. Quiz to refresh your memory
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2 Weeks (1 Week Training |1 Week Practice)
2 Hours Per Day

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  • One-on-one Training
  • Batch Training
  • Virtual Class (Zoom Training )

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